Evie Ward


02/19 - Accompanying text for "there are insects and palm trees and pepper shakers, and I'll have a pepper-shaker in my cave, so laugh" at ltd los angeles 

01/19 - Contributor to Paperweight, Lateworks, London

10/18 - Contributor to The Annotated Reader, Cork Street Galleries, London

09/18 - E-Story #1 'The Boy Who Held Hands With The Stars' with illustration by Zara Joan Miller

09/18 - Co-founder and organiser, The Experimental Library: Agnès Varda - MATINEE, in partnership with Curzon and with the support of the BFI, Cafe OTO

08/18 - Reading poems for (and influenced by) Cecil Taylor and the late artist's own writings at Cecil Taylor - An OTO Tribute

06/18 - Poem after Don and Moki Cherry, published in The Experimental Library: Organic Music

06/18 - Co-founder and organiser, The Experimental Library: Organic Music, Cafe OTO

02/18 - Co-founder and organiser, The Experimental Library: Octavia E. Butler, Cafe OTO

12/17 - Poetry reading, 'Love, Loss and Interpretations', KGB Bar, New York City

12/17 - Exhibition review of Hans Arp: The Poetry of Forms, Turner Contemporary, this is tomorrow

10/17 - 'The glass that reflects, and can also be seen through' published in The Experimental Library: Ornette Coleman

10/17 - Poetry reading, The Experimental Library: Ornette Coleman, Cafe OTO

09/17 - Exhibition review of The Hive Mind, Koppel Project Hive, this is tomorrow

09/17 - Exhibition review of Trajal Harrell: Hoochie Koochie, a performance exhibition, Barbican, this is tomorrow

09/17 - Live review of Benedict Drew: The Trickledown Syndrome, Art Night at The Whitechapel Gallery, The Wire Magazine

08/17 - Contributor to Co-Broadcast, a 24 hour radio broadcast live from Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park

08/17 - Album review of Clive Bell, Asakusa Follies, 2017, The Wire Magazine

07/17 - Live review of Arca & Jesse Kanda at Roundhouse, The Wire Magazine

06/17 - 'January', in Fuitlands Zine, Dark Issue

06/17 - Live review of Joe McPhee at 1 Silver Road, The Wire Magazine

05/17 - One-off poetry reading at SIDEROOM, Chelsea College of Arts, London

05/17 - Poetry Reading with Danny Hayward and Ed Luker at MayDay Rooms, London

03/17 - 'Circles', in Cesura//Acceso, Issue 2

02/17 - Poetry reading at Fruitlands Showcase, Burley Fisher Books, London

10/16 - Performance as S.T.E.P.S at Cafe OTO, w/Seymour Wright

09/16 - 'Overlaps' at hagenfesten.se

08/16 - Liner notes for 'XT: Pah' CD on 'Pleasure of the text' records

08/16 - Performance of location-focused poem 'Overlaps' at Hagenfesten, Dala-Floda, SE

07/16 - Performance as S.T.E.P.S w/Seymour Wright, Bologna, IT

03/15 - Whilst Listening in Paris and London, self-published book